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Chai African Spice

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Chai Tea Latte Mix African Spice

African Spice is a soothing chai with plenty of flavour. Made made of a blend of natural spices with rooibos, a redbush herbal blend from South Africa. A delicious cup, easy to prepare and easy to store.

Carefully mix the powder with 2/3 hot water and 1/3 hot milk for the best taste experience.

  • Can also be used in beverage dispensers

  • Can be served cold

    Mixture proportion: 4 tsp powder to 1 cup of hot water.


    Cane sugar, coconut oil, non-fat dry milk, maltodextrin, natural spices and roobois, honey granules, MILK protein, natural spices: cardamom, clove, cinnamon, spices, other natural flavors, antioxidant.